April 13, 2017

As a child I was taught that certain American values were fundamental to American prosperity. I was taught to believe if you worked hard and did your best, you could achieve anything. I was taught that as time moved forward our country continually improved to meet the most basic values to everyone brought forth by our Constitution, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all. I was taught to take people as individuals and not to judge them on the circumstances they were born into or the color of their skin.

The last 25 years since I graduated from high school have morphed into a modern day that I can not recognize. I see Donald Trump’s administration as the apex that threatens every value I was taught and hold dear. In his policies I see less education for my children as education funding get slashed and becomes not a right but, a privilege. A voucher system that rewards a class of people, who in no way need handouts from the government, receive vouchers for private schools. While children unlucky enough to be born not wealthy may only go to school if their parents can afford it. The ideal of American upward mobility takes a huge hit.

Donald Trump’s policies are so transparently self-absorbed. He plans cut taxes for the wealthy so he and the one percent may sequester the liquidity that would circulate in a healthy growing economy. Thus creating a borrowing economy that the average individual would find so difficult to get out from under.

Decency is under attack with a man as vile as President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. It is not just his disgusting apathy toward racism and prejudice or his blatant misogyny but, his complete inability to be respectful towards his fellow Americans. To view all Americans as equals with the right to disagree with him as our Constitutions lays out. He encourages hate among his followers and creates bitter divisions between those who oppose him and those who do not. He is encouraging lawmakers at all levels to push through legislation that undermines the sovereignty of all Americans.

Then there is Healthcare, the United States has the most expensive and least effective health system in the industrialized world. Donald Trump’s answer, he has no idea. Grandstanding, ultimatums and blaming Paul Ryan is the best that man can accomplish.

Then there is the cherry, Vladimir Putin loves him. Putin, sitting patiently, waiting until he can reclaim the countries that audaciously sought independence from the USSR almost 30 years ago. Putin influenced an American election to have sanctions lifted so he can resume his goal. I am sure there are some nuances but basically, there you are. While it has not been proven yet. I believe Donald Trump committed treason and colluded with a hostile foreign government to obtain personal goals.

The reasons here describe why, I as an American, cannot stand by and watch. My personal values and my country are under an attack. I will do whatever I can, within my value system, to stop the injustices Donald Trump has introduced to my beloved country. That is why I am working with Indivisible. Indivisible is an inclusive organization that wants to uphold Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. For all people, not just those of privilege.