April 13, 2017


I joined the Indivisibles, a grassroots movement aimed at obstructing the Trump agenda, on January 13th 2017, and I make no secret of it. I tell family, friends, even acquaintances — but I have one friend who can’t wrap his head around what we Indivisibles do, and how we do it.

We can vote for congressfolk and POTUSes every few years, but other than that, how can we citizens affect bills we have no vote on and politicians who don’t even know our names? This is how I thought about politics too, just a few short months ago — I may not like whoever’s sitting in the oval office, but he’s there for the next four years, and that’s that. Right?

In answer to these questions, I’m going to talk about a couple of things that have happened recently:


After Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, big cities around the country exploded into peaceful protests against our new and singularly unpopular POTUS. In reaction, the Arizona state Senate passed Arizona SB 1142, a bill that would expand old anti-mobster racketeering law into a new insidious anti-protester law. Supporters of the bill regurgitated what is becoming a favorite lie among right-wing extremists — that liberal protesters are just paid opportunists who deliberately start riots, who thus must be preemptively stopped from rioting. Arizona SB 1142 would classify rioting as ‘racketeering’ — a term used for the murder and mayhem directed by organized crime bosses — thus allowing not only rioters to be prosecuted and jailed (which they already are), but also allowing protest organizers to be prosecuted, have their assets seized, and be held responsible for financial damage caused during their protest. Even for hypothetical damage that a prosecutor believes may happen during a future protest, even for damage caused by someone — say, a Trump supporter wanting to cause chaos — who is not even part of a protest!

(To be absolutely one-hundred percent crystal clear, unlike Trump and his marks, we Indivisibles do not practice or condone violence against people or property.)

After this naked attempt to suppress free speech slipped past the state Senate, with votes falling strictly along party lines, it finally came to our attention shortly before the state House voted on it. We Indivisibles of Arizona District 5, and others throughout the state, called our state representatives — we affirmed those representatives likely to vote ‘no,’ and we ensured that likely ‘yes’ votes knew that they would not have the people’s support come next election. Some of us called to explain at length why we rejected SB 1142, some of us called simply to say ‘vote no,’ and some of us called to put our opposition in terms our representatives would understand.

On February 27th, Arizona got confirmation that SB 1142 would not be put to a House vote, due to the outcry raised against it — even the Republican congressfolk had to admit how unpopular it was, even if they wouldn’t admit how unamerican and undemocratic, and because the next election is ever in their minds, they killed the bill…for now!


One of Trump’s many campaign cons was to repeal Obamacare, and replace it with something that would magically do three things: cover every citizen, cover them better, and cost less than Obamacare. As a supposed ‘master dealmaker,’ Trump again and again assured his marks that he could accomplish this fantasy.

What he tried to sell us in March 2017 was something much more disappointing — the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), a bill championed by Paul Ryan. After being analyzed by several congressional committees, we were told that ‘Ryancare’ would cover fewer Americans who actually need it with poorer coverage at greater expense, and that sometime years down the line it would save money. But hey, as many Republican politicians insisted, the “perfect” is the enemy of the doable! Anything to annihilate Obama’s legacy, and promote the Republican brand!

So Trump did his best — or pretended to — sell the Senate on Ryanfail, but when the day came to vote, we called our Trump fanboy of a House Representative to make sure that he voted against it. And sure enough, on March 24th, Paul Ryan was forced to march himself to the White House to tell Trump that the Party of No didn’t even have the votes to pass his failure of a bill through the House…for now.

And that is what we Indivisibles do. We — a movement of progressives, liberals, independents, and even conservatives, most of us completely new to activism — call our Congressfolk, follow them on social media, protest, organize town halls, and make our voices heard. We fight Trump and his agenda. We fight the modern Republican party’s increasingly partisan and elitist agenda. We fight for America. We fight for the Republic that was, and the Republic that can be. We fight for the people.

We are the people, and we invite you to see for yourself.

–The Queen Creek Patriot