April 13, 2017

I resist because Donald Trump lied, bullied, and cheated his way to the presidency with the help of Putin.  He is ignorant, boorish, racist, divisive, authoritarian, evil and appallingly ignorant of the Constitution and how democracy and diplomacy work.  Our nation has been invaded by values alien to those for which Americans fought and died:  justice and equality.

I resist attempts to deny science and efforts to slow climate change, to put profits of oil & gas, insurance companies, drug companies, and big banks above the welfare of citizens, and to give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans while raising taxes and throwing crumbs to the rest of America.  I resist building a wall and alienating our neighbors and allies, turning away refugees and immigrants fleeing the horrors of war and poverty.  I resist the Trump cabinet, whose goals are to deconstruct the very departments they have been entrusted to protect and administer for the welfare of all citizens, not to enrich corporations, big donors, and foreign interests.  I resist Trump’s lies and hypocrisy, and I disdain the blind allegiance of his followers.

I worked really hard to elect President Obama because I believe that health care is a human right.  I have personally witnessed, with family members, the devastating effects that occur when people can’t afford health care.  I simply cannot accept the reality that we may go backwards.  I resist all that Trump and his followers epitomize.