April 15, 2017

Dear fellow Constituent who emailed after Biggs’ Sun Lakes Town Hall to say “Shouting over the speaker’s responses because you don’t agree is very rude and unproductive. My 2 cents.”

I first replied to your email to invite you to our Community Town Hall (4/18 7pm Gilbert Elementary) and you declined stating “I was not impressed by the rudeness shown by AZCD5 representatives.” 

Knowing that only Lauren and I were wearing AZCD5 shirts, I had to reach out just once more. 

–My mission is outreach so I can’t help but try to appeal to you one more time. I apologize if you felt as though our group was rude on Friday. Actually, the town hall brought out a lot of people that I don’t even think are from Indivisible. We’re a new group and still pretty small. But on that note, did you know that Indivisible is non-partisan and our group consists of many Republicans and Independants because we do live in a very conservative district? Most of us are moms or seniors. 

I myself was the mom in the blue shirt who brought my 10yo son. I have 3 other children at home – 15, 9 and 8. My 10yo is very into civic engagement, and he just won the 5th grade science fair at his school. He wanted to ask Congressman Biggs about his experience on the Science Committee.  

I don’t work full time but I volunteer at my kids’ school 2 days a week, I lead a volunteer based art program, I serve on a committee for the Gilbert School Board, and I’ve been on hand as a Parent Leader for Raising Special Kids, a special needs organization here in Arizona. My husband is a small business owner – but because we can’t rely on insurance through an employer, and our 15yo has epilepsy, we had to go through the Marketplace to get health insurance. Did you know that if you receive subsidies through the ACA you actually repay those subsidies at tax time? 

Again, I’m sorry if you were put off by your experience the other day. Our group’s goal is to make sure that all 790,000 citizens in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District get fair representation in Washington — not just the 205,000 (roughly 26%) that voted for Andy Biggs after a highly contested Primary against Christine Jones. 

If you do decide to attend our Community Town Hall on Tuesday at Gilbert Elementary, I sincerely hope you introduce yourself to me.