Nominations for board positions now open

August 30, 2017

AZCD5 is having its first board elections next month. Nominations are currently open. If you would like to be a leader in AZCD5, or you know another group member who you think will be an excellent leader, now is the time to throw their name in

Elections will be held for the following positions during the October General Meeting:

  • Chair

    The Chairperson finds and coordinates meeting locations for General Meetings, ensuring that necessary requirements for the meeting are met (chairs, location, start-stop times, note boards, projectors/screens/PCs, etc.) and publishes the time, date, and location for the meeting. The Chairperson develops the agenda for the General Meeting, publishing it at least a week before the meeting. The Chairperson moderates the meeting, introduces speakers/visitors and makes sure the agenda topics are followed.


    The Co-Chairperson performs the duties of the Chairperson when the Chairperson is not available.  The Co-Chairperson also is available to assist any Executive Board member in performing their activities.  The Co-Chairperson may be assigned or volunteer for specific tasks within the Executive Board’s duties.


    The Treasurer receives all monies donated to INDV AZCD5, keeping records of the source, the amount, and any targeted use for the money.  The Treasurer gives a treasury report at each General Meeting.  The Treasurer provides funds for authorized expenses.


    The Secretary keeps the minutes for General Meetings and publishes these minutes prior to the next meeting. The Secretary keeps membership rolls and communication information (name, address, phone, email) for members to assist with all-member communication.


    The At-Large member of the Executive Committee has no specific duties, but may be called on to assist with any activities or duties of the other positions.  The primary role of the At-Large member is to insure that no board votes will be tie votes. On the event of another board member leaving the board, the At-Large board member may assume the duties of the departing board member until the next election can be held.


Nominate someone to the board here.