AZCD5 Gives Back: Water Drive

AZCD5 members with the 70 cases of water we’ve donated

It’s no secret that Arizona has hot summers and that dehydration is a problem anyone can encounter. Some members of our community are more affected than others. The homeless and the elderly are especially vulnerable. This year the need for bottled water reached an acute level when members of the small reservation community of Cibeque in eastern Arizona were struck by downed water pumps, effectively shutting off the flow of water to the town of 1,600 residents.

In light of the severe need for water around the state, AZCD5 joined the Mesa Hydration Donation Campaign along with United Food Bank and the Mesa Fire Department. United Food Bank has a water drive every summer where those in community help by donating water. This year the program is especially critical as temperatures rise. AZCD5 member, Kristen Clark said, “It’s easy to take readily available access to drinking water for granted, but many in our community do not have this luxury. Supporting the Hydration Donation Campaign helps provide an essential resource to those in need and AZCD5 was happy to donate.”

AZCD5 members gathered more than 70 cases of water for delivery to United Food Bank. A group of volunteers from the group loaded the water into a pickup truck. Sagging with weight the truck lumbered to the drop-off location. About half a dozen members then unloaded the thirty-pound cases of water one by one. The final tally was 78 cases of donated bottled water and a donation weight of over 2,800 lbs. That’s well over a ton of water! Some of the group’s donations will be getting shipped to Cibeque through the food bank in response to their shortage. Tina Land thought “This was a wonderful opportunity for AZCD5 to be able to help the Cibeque community during their water shortage.”

AZCD5 is a not-for-profit organization advocating for fair representation of the constituents of Arizona’s 5th Congressional District. The organization provides services and education throughout the community. The water donation is one of many community service projects that the organization is undertaking this summer to supplement underfunded public services. For more information about AZCD5 visit