AZCD5 Day of Dinners Potluck and Pool Party

June 27, 2017

This year has been a whirlwind of actions from protests and sit-ins to calling our Senators en masse. We have all been working so hard for the things we believe are right and have had little time to really get to know each other. We’ve seen each other at general meetings and talked in endless online threads in Facebook and Ryver. However, those settings leave a lot to be desired for real social connection.

This Sunday AZCD5 participated in Day of Dinners, a nationwide event to bring people together to create community. We were graciously hosted by Cynthia, a very committed member of our organization’s health care committee. She and her husband opened their home and pool to existing and new members of our community. There was a banquet of potluck dishes and desserts: casseroles, salads, hot dogs, deviled eggs, dips, lemon bars and chocolate cake. We welcomed each other, chatted and listened to the reasons we have all become committed to changing the world, even if it is just our little corner.

We raffled door prizes. Lucky winners walked away with a piggy bank Barry, Trump t.p. and Starbucks gift cards. Sarah and TJ gave short presentations for Save Our Schools and AZ Blue 2020. It was a great turnout and it seemed everyone had a good time. If you didn’t attend, not to worry. We will do it again soon, but I can’t promise you lemon bars and chocolate cake.

This group can be a catalyst for change in east valley politics at the grassroots level. Let’s continue to build our relationships, hold each other accountable and shake the foundation of party politics in the east valley and across the state.